Graphic Design – Cornwall ON, CANADA

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Senior Graphic/Visual Designer


Illustration is a medium where an artist presents visual illustrations and text combined in the form of a story. Illustrations can take any form, such as series or short stories. There are different ways to create illustration styles, such as storyboards, games, cartoons, comics, storybooks, posters, TV series, fashion, or web-based media, etc.

Since childhood, I have been fond of cartoons and other types of illustrations. During my school years, I used to narrate stories on the blackboard in the form of cartoon illustrations. While working on private projects or in my spare time, I would create comics and other imaginative illustrations to fulfill my internal satisfaction of artistic instinct. If you have a good story and are interested in converting it into comics, you can reach me through the contact page.

Some of the illustrations below are part of animation and gaming projects.

Character & Background Illustration Work