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Senior Graphic/Visual Designer


Print design/Desktop Publishing is also part of graphic design means it is a creative method for producing a visual communication and presentation in order to deliver special and specific messages to a target market and audience purposely made for printing. It is typically done with ink and paper using a printer, plotter, and other printing press machinery.

Print designing can be in any form, like Newspaper Ads, Magazines, Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards, Office Supplies, and other marketing materials, etc. This designing concept varies as of requirements in different companies, industries, businesses, and government organizations. Trade show booth designing is also part of print designing.

My Print Design/Desktop Publishing Work

In 2003, while doing 2D cartoon animation, I got a chance to work on printing graphics for the booklet. This was my additional service to the company but it was a good opportunity to get experience in it. I learned many new techniques that how print designs work. Occasionally I do print designing projects as a freelancer. Some done project can be viewed: